Nicola is an accredited family and commercial mediator. As a non-practising solicitor and communication specialist, Nicola is able to mediate family, workplace and commercial disputes and has been mediating since 2011.

I can help with...

  • Mediation

Types of clients I see

  • Individuals
  • Children
  • Families
  • Corporations

Languages I speak

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish


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Types of therapy I offer

  • Mediation

Types of mediation I offer

Family mediation


  • divorce and separation issues
  • arrangements for children
  • finances on separation or divorce
  • child-inclusive mediation
  • inter-family disputes — for example, concerning care of the elderly or any other matter
  • inheritance or wills disputes
  • inter-generational disputes involving family members

Commercial mediation


  • sale of goods and supply of services contractual disputes
  • landlord and tenant disputes
  • property disputes and boundary issues
  • local authority disputes

Workplace and community mediation

  • workplace and employment disputes
  • neighbour disputes

Who I help through mediation

I mediate between people who are in conflict and who need help in moving matters forwards. Mediation is quicker and more cost-effective than going to court.

Mediation saves you from becoming opponents in a fight. Instead we focus on what needs to happen to achieve an outcome that works for both parties.

I mediate mainly between adults. I have undertaken intergenerational work, including working with older people and their family and with children who are in conflict with family members.

I am also qualified to meet with children in the family or divorce mediation setting, so that their perception of events can inform the parents’ discussions about what happens next in the family.

As I work in the courts with children from the ages of 4 to 18, I am well placed to hold these meetings and to communicate with the child in a way that works for them.

About mediation

Mediation is about finding a resolution to a particular situation which is causing difficulty in your life.

Mediation is not a long-term process. We work towards resolving a particular problem and how you would like things to be going forward. It is open to you to discuss as much or as little from the past, as is useful in mapping out the way forward.

As a communication specialist, my work is to assist you in mapping out this pathway.

Mediation is a cost-effective and quick alternative to court action. It is particularly useful where there is an ongoing relationship or where you would like to resolve a dispute without spending a substantial amount on legal costs.

You remain in control of the outcome and we work hard together to meet everyone’s needs as we work towards a mediated outcome.

My approach

I am a mediator, not a therapist.

I will help you to work towards desired outcomes by considering the underlying issues and needs of the participants. I help participants to find a way forward in even the most complex, apparently intractable, situations.

I qualified as a solicitor in 1993 and a mediator in 2011. I have since become a full-time mediator and a communication specialist in the courts.

I am totally committed to mediation: working hard with clients to help them make agreements which work for them without the waste of money, time and energy which court action involves.

I bring with me a depth and breadth of experience in the field of conflict resolution, working full time as an all-issues mediator, supported by my legal background and my communication skills, based on the principles of non-violent communication.

Client feedback

“Experienced, calm, professional, respectful, inspired confidence, held the space, understood the issues very quickly. She provided an invaluable service as X was able to speak, in a place of safety, and a difficult issue was resolved.”

“You were very anchoring, clear and compassionate.. so glad you found your way to us and us to you.”

“I think our mediation sessions made a tremendous difference and have enabled us to see more clearly.”

“Brilliant mediator, very supportive.”

“Extremely professional, kind and supportive, very patient to hear all of the issues involved within the mediation, I was so impressed.”

“Thank you so much for your amazing help with the mediation yesterday. I will never forget your kindness, caring heart, and genuine warmth. I have so much respect for you and the incredibly rewarding work that you do. I shall honestly recommend you to everyone. You have no idea how much you have helped me. You have lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.”

Training, qualifications and experience

  • SEN Mediation Training (July 2020)
  • Child Inclusive Mediation Training (November 2019)
  • Training in Parental Alienation: Introduction and Advanced Training Levels (June 2019)
  • Co-Coaching in Mediation for high-conflict cases (May 2019)
  • Relational Mediation Training (March 2017)
  • Solution Focused Mediation Training (June 2016)
  • Family Mediation Council Accreditation (Dec 2016)
  • Training on Direct Consultation with Children (June 2014)
  • 6-Day Mediation Skills Training Course, Centre for Peaceful Solutions (June 2013)
  • Accredited Family Mediation Training Course, ADR Group (November 2012)
  • Community Mediation Skills 6-day course (OCN accredited), CALM Mediation (April 2012)
  • Dialogue Road Map Training, Centre for Peaceful Solutions (May 2011) (2-day training on getting past resistance, hostility, anger and violence in order to engage participants in meaningful dialogue in the mediation process)
  • Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediation Course, Regents College School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology (January 2011)

Professional affiliations

Member of:

Codes of practice

Fees and availability

For more information about me or about mediation please look at the Horizon Mediation website.

For information about fee rates please contact me or look at my personal website, London Mediation Works.

I offer face-to-face, shuttle and online mediation. Face-to-face meetings are available in:

  • London:
    • Kings Cross
    • London Bridge
    • Finchley Road NW3
  • Harrow
  • various other locations locally and nationally

I do not offer legally aided mediation. I am participating in the Ministry of Justice’s Family Mediation Voucher Scheme which offers discounted mediation in certain circumstances.

I work Monday to Friday. I can also offer Saturday and evening appointments by arrangement.